Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Humane Poem

Imagine there is no religion
for human
Imagine Every Human
Using his brain
lets all the prejudices blind beliefs Drain
and all of us gain
without any pain
The ultimate gain of being unrestrained
free from the mental slavery
free from mental pain
lets refrain from following the lane
without applying brain
lets all of us Be Humane
what do u say my fellow Human

Friday, August 20, 2010


*This world is very big
And every human is having his own Individuality
as per his Individuality he will have his own Mentality
so rest of the people must have some mental flexibility
to allow him to use his Liberty

*When the power of love Overpowers
the love of power
the world will know peace

*Lets change our mind !
Do we need masters to change our mind
If we need masters to change our mind
Then why are we unable to change our mind
Money came into existence for our comfortability
But it ruined our mentality
When we know all these things then lets have HUMILITY
And lets all of us have basic amenity
And finally lets keep aside religion give importance to Humanity

*To Avail/Get basic Human Rights
Why we haveto face Painful Human Sights.

*To eradicate Our Suicidal thoughts
we must first eradicate religious thoughts
and them imbibe spiritual thoughts
as every1 might be having the thought that
this sansaar is zero nothing
there is nothing to fight
Just Spreading the word.
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We don't need masters
to set our mind free
look at tree
its asking us to set our mind free
Look at Birds
Its asking our mind to flee/feel free
Look at Clouds
its asking us to Think Broad
Look at Fire
its asking us to hire
the attitude to make our mind free.
Rainfalls down n becomes rainbow
lets drop our ego down n leave footprints to follow

We are our own masters Just Look/Observe around